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 Losing weight can feel like an endless battle for many people. Despite motivated efforts with dieting and exercise, the numbers on the scale refuse to budge or the lost pounds inevitably return. This back-and-forth struggle can leave you frustrated and drained, eroding self-confidence. At Newport Wellness Group, we understand these challenges intimately.

 Our certified acupuncturist, Dr. Shohre Mehvar, OMD, LAc, has supported hundreds of patients in overcoming obstacles to achieve lasting weight loss success.

So what makes weight loss so difficult for some people? It’s more complex than a lack of willpower or motivation. Biology, lifestyle habits, and emotional factors all come into play. Metabolism, hormones, digestion, stress levels, sleep quality, and relationship to food can subconsciously undermine even the most diligent efforts. Without addressing these root causes, weight loss attempts often turn into disheartening episodes of yo-yo dieting.

Our holistic approach provides the missing piece for many by getting to the source of why bodies cling to excess weight. Acupuncture adjusts physiological processes to establish an internal environment conducive to shedding pounds and maintaining healthier weights. Our treatments also cultivate positive lifestyle changes to make progress stick.


Common Weight Loss Relief FAQs

What is the science between weight loss acupuncture?

Acupuncture originates from Chinese medicine, but modern research continues uncovering why it works and how it affects the body. At Newport Wellness Group, our acupuncture protocols use contemporary science for the best of both perspectives.

So what does the science say? Studies indicate acupuncture’s effectiveness for weight loss in several key ways:

– Boosts metabolism – Acupuncture points may stimulate faster fat and calorie burning by increasing metabolism. 

– Curbs appetite – Treatments can regulate ghrelin, leptin and other hormones that influence hunger cues and satiety signals.

– Reduces chronic stress – By activating relaxation responses, acupuncture helps minimize stress-driven eating and belly fat storage.

– Improves digestion – Optimizing the digestive process enhances nutrient absorption and eliminates waste buildup.

– Increases motivation – Patients report greater energy, mental clarity and motivation to stick with diet and exercise plans.

While research continues uncovering acupuncture’s complex physiological effects, clinical results speak for themselves. Acupuncture works as a supportive tool for weight loss and maintenance.

What is your approach to weight loss?

No two bodies or lifestyles are exactly alike. We embrace this uniqueness and custom-tailor acupuncture treatments to your individual needs. During an extensive initial consultation, we’ll learn about your health history, previous weight loss attempts, eating habits, exercise routine, stress levels and any other factors influencing your struggles.

This holistic assessment allows us to design a personalized treatment plan that targets the root causes behind your weight gain. Acupuncture offers a recalibration for getting your body’s systems working synergistically again. Our goal is to complement and enhance other positive lifestyle changes you’re making. Follow-up consultations help us adjust your plan based on how your body responds.

While everyone loses weight differently, most patients notice gradual but sustainable results over weeks and months. Consistency remains key – acupuncture works best as part of an ongoing health regimen, not just a quick fix. The more support you give your body, the more lasting your transformation.

What should you expect during acupuncture?

If you’ve never tried acupuncture before, it’s normal to feel hesitant or unsure about the process. Will it hurt? What exactly happens? We strive to make your experience as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

You’ll relax on a massage-like table in a tranquil, private room. After cleaning the acupuncture points, your acupuncturist will gently insert thin sterile needles just below the skin’s surface. Most patients describe little to no discomfort, usually just a slight tingling or dull ache at insertion sites.

As you rest with the needles in place, you’ll start noticing subtle physical and emotional shifts. Many patients describe a soothing wave of relaxation washing over them. Others feel energized and mentally clear. Your acupuncturist will check on your progress and remove the needles after 20-30 minutes. The appointments provide downtime to decompress from stressful thoughts and connect inward. Consistency again proves key – the more frequently you receive treatments, the faster the changes accumulate.

Why choose Newport Wellness Group?

What sets Newport Wellness Group apart is our integrative perspective blending Eastern medicine and modern science. Our certified acupuncturists pursue ongoing training to incorporate breakthrough research into effective treatment protocols. We help decode acupuncture’s physiological effects for patients, equipping them with knowledge to enhance their results.

Ultimately our goal is to help you tune into your body’s innate healing abilities. Acupuncture simply activates and optimizes them by restoring balance. We witness patients rediscover wellness potentials they didn’t know they possessed. If you’re ready to explore what’s possible for your health, call us today for a consultation. Discover how acupuncture can help harmonize your relationship with food, body and self today at Newport Wellness Group.


The information on this page is for educational purposes only. Prospective patients must have consultations with one of the acupuncturists who will deem if acupuncture is recommended.

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