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Welcome To Newport Wellness Group

Seeking a path back to vibrant health? Look no further than Newport Wellness Group in Newport Beach, CA. Our certified acupuncturists, Dr. Shohre Mehvar, OMD, LAc and Dr. Shabnam Pourhassani, DACM, LAc, QME, FABORM, are pioneers in blending time-honored techniques with cutting-edge medical science. From migraines to infertility, arthritis to pregnancy support, we’ve got you covered. What health goals are you dreaming of? Our evidence-based, personalized treatments are designed to turn those dreams into reality. Whether you’re in Newport Beach or anywhere in Southern California, we’re your partners in achieving optimal wellness through expert acupuncture care.


Through all aspects of life, for all

Pain Management

Chronic pain holding you back? Discover relief through our targeted acupuncture treatments, harnessing your body’s innate healing power.

Mental Wellbeing

Is stress taking its toll? Restore balance and nurture your mind with our specialized acupuncture services. Find your calm.

Men’s Health

Gentlemen, are health concerns slowing you down? Our precision treatments address male-specific issues. Reclaim your vitality today.

Sport Injuries

Sidelined by injury? Get back in the game faster with our performance-enhancing acupuncture therapies. Your comeback starts here.


Our patients’ success stories speak volumes. Discover how acupuncture at Newport Wellness Group has transformed lives and restored hope.

Teenage Wellness

Adolescence throwing curveballs? Our gentle treatments help teens navigate physical and emotional challenges. Support their journey.


About Us

Discover Newport Wellness Group, Southern California’s acupuncture innovators. Nestled in Newport Beach, our clinic is helmed by Dr. Shohre Mehvar, OMD, LAc and Dr. Shabnam Pourhassani, DACM, LAc, QME, FABORM. Our expertise in medical acupuncture is our cornerstone. What sets us apart? We’re bridging ancient wisdom with modern medicine, creating a powerhouse of evidence-based healing. Our mission? Crafting personalized care plans that speak to your unique health issues. At Newport Wellness Group, we’re not just symptom-fixers—we’re your partners in lasting vitality. Are you ready to find you path back to wellness?

Holistic Acupuncture

Our holistic approach combines time-tested techniques for comprehensive health and balance.

Quick Relief Acupuncture

Need fast relief? Our targeted sessions aim to quickly alleviate acute pain and discomfort.


Our coaching guides you through lifestyle changes that amplify acupuncture benefits.


Our expert consulting helps you incorporate this powerful modality.

Corporate Wellness

Our education programs support a productive workforce.


Our nutritional guidance complements acupuncture, supporting wellness goals.

Some of the Conditions we Specialize in

High Quality Acupuncture

Does migraine pain dictate your life? It’s time to rewrite that story with Newport Wellness Group. Our certified acupuncturists employ state-of-the-art techniques to combat migraines at their source. Picture this: precise needle placement rebalancing your nervous system, quelling inflammation, all tailored to your unique triggers. Fewer attacks, diminished pain intensity, freedom from migraine’s tyranny—sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Let’s make it your reality. Our scientifically-grounded migraine acupuncture approach is waiting to show you what’s possible. Ready to reclaim your life from migraines?

Has arthritis stolen your zest for life? Newport Wellness Group is here to help you recapture it. Our skilled acupuncturists offer targeted treatments to tackle joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation head-on. Imagine enhanced circulation, reduced inflammation, and your body’s pain-relief mechanisms kicked into high gear. That’s our goal. We craft each treatment plan around your specific arthritis type and symptoms. Remember those activities you thought were lost to arthritis? It’s time to rediscover them. Are you ready to move freely again? Let our evidence-based acupuncture methods light the way to a more mobile, joyful you.

Living with the constant pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia? At Newport Wellness Group, we understand. Our specialized acupuncture treatments target this complex condition head-on. How? By inserting fine needles at key points, we aim to reset pain sensitivity, improve sleep, and boost overall energy. We tailor each plan to your unique symptom profile. Can you picture a life with less pain and more vitality? It’s possible. Let our science-backed approach to fibromyalgia care help you rediscover comfort and energy.

Expecting a baby but not the discomfort that comes with it? Newport Wellness Group is here for you. Our pregnancy-safe acupuncture treatments aim to ease common issues like morning sickness and back pain. How do we help? By gently stimulating specific points, we work to balance hormones, reduce stress, and improve sleep. Each trimester brings new challenges, and our care evolves with you. Imagine enjoying your pregnancy journey, feeling supported and comfortable. Ready to nurture yourself as you nurture your baby? Let our evidence-based treatments enhance your pregnancy experience.

Frustrated with stubborn weight that won’t budge? At Newport Wellness Group, we offer a different approach. Our acupuncture treatments target the complex factors behind weight management. How? By stimulating key points, we aim to boost metabolism, curb cravings, and reduce stress-eating. But we don’t stop there. We combine acupuncture with practical lifestyle advice for a comprehensive approach. Can you envision reaching your goal weight and maintaining it? It’s within reach. Let our scientifically-grounded methods support your weight loss journey.


Struggling with the weight of depression? Newport Wellness Group offers a ray of hope. Our targeted acupuncture treatments aim to lift mood and reduce anxiety. How do we help? By stimulating specific points, we work to balance brain chemistry and promote relaxation. Each plan is tailored to your unique symptoms and history. Imagine feeling lighter, more energetic, more like yourself again. Is it possible? We believe it is. Let our evidence-based approach complement your mental health care and help brighten your outlook.

Dreaming of starting or expanding your family? At Newport Wellness Group, we’re here to support your fertility journey. Our specialized acupuncture treatments aim to optimize reproductive health. How? By targeting key points, we work to balance hormones, improve blood flow to reproductive organs, and reduce stress. We even offer treatments to complement IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies. Can you picture holding your baby in your arms? Let’s work together to make that dream a reality. Our science-backed approach to fertility acupuncture could be the missing piece in your journey to parenthood.

Our Guide to Health & Wellness

Have you ever wondered what true wellness feels like? At Newport Wellness Group, we’ve been redefining health long before “wellness” became a buzzword. Founded by Dr. Shohre Mehvar, OMD, LAc, our practice offers innovative approaches to preventive healthcare, targeting the root causes of illness—especially stress.

Did you know that men are 50% more susceptible to long-term stress effects? Or that a staggering 60-80% of primary care visits have a stress-related component? These eye-opening statistics underscore our holistic approach to health.

What’s troubling you? Chronic pain? Sports injuries? Depression or anxiety? Dr. Mehvar’s expertise spans a wide range of conditions, from IBS and fibromyalgia to post-operative pain. And if weight loss is your goal, imagine this: one of our patients lost 80 pounds and has kept it off for 4 years!