Newport Wellness Group: Testimonial 3

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I am a 58 year old woman, with 3 grown children. I am self employed in a high stress industry, recently went back to college to complete my degree and have some other life events occur. I generally can manage stress but during the last few years they intensified from 2002-2004. My symptoms were severe fatigue, headaches, back & shoulder and general body tension & aches, and allergy attacks. I was at a point where the symptoms started to control my life.It was an emotionally and physically exhausting time creating much concern since I am usually a buoyant, vivacious individual. Through the recommendation of my physician,
as well as a close friend it was suggested that I acupuncture treatments with Shohre Mehvar in 2002.
I have continued over the last 4 years. The results of her acupuncture treatments allowed me to regain a normal routine and work through the stressful times. My symptoms were drastically reduced or eliminated.
I no longer suffer from the overwhelming fatigue, body tensions or aches, and my allergic reactions have been minimized. My work has directly benefited as I am able to deal with business rather than pain.
I have had acupuncture treatments while in pain and left pain free with the effects lasting days as well. Shohre has the knowledge and skill to know how to treat the problem with a lasting cure. She has helped
me meet and prepare for challenges and that has allowed me to live a healthier life. Many thanks to her as she is truly gifted. Marcia DosseyWe are a couple in our eighties who have received great benefits from acupunture as administered by Shohre Mehvar. She is an expert in her field and is a very kind, considerate and caring person.The many benefits we have received include pain relief, better circulation, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, stronger immune system and an overall feeling of relaxation and well being.
We feel very fortunate to have found such a dedicated professional.
Acupuncture focuses on correcting these imbalances of energy flow