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November 9, 2003 I cut my right forearm on a pane of glass. The injury was extensive.
The muscles and radial nerve were severed. A vascular surgeon cleaned the wound and repaired the nicked artery.
Three days later a plastic surgeon re-attached the muscles and nerves but the damage to the nerves was not fixable
(photo of the scar is attached). The prognosis from two doctors (one was a certified hand surgeon) was that the motor skills might return but I would be without feeling until the nerves grew back from the damaged area.

The doctors said that the nerves grow so slowly that I would not be able to feel with my finger tips until my
late 40s or early 50s if at all (at the time of the accident I was 24).
After a year and a half of physical therapy consisting of mostly acupuncture and electric stimulation (administered by Shohre Mehvar); I have regained partial feeling
in my hand. I can now feel temperature variations and I can tell if a surface is textured or smooth.

I believe that the treatment that I received from Shohre Mehvar is the reason I can now use my hand.

Jim Nelson
Project Engineer
Turner Construction Company
Acupuncture focuses on correcting these imbalances of energy flow